Blockchain Coinvestors' Bi-Annual Digital Asset Regulation Report: World's Top 25 Financial Centers Rapidly Embracing Digital Finance

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 5:00pm UTC

Blockchain Coinvestors' Bi-Annual Digital Asset Regulation Report: World's Top 25 Financial Centers Rapidly Embracing Digital Finance

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  • Global digital asset regulation is rapidly advancing as national leaders race to enable digital monies, commodities, and assets.
  • Most geographies have drafted, approved, and in some cases fully implemented pro innovation regulation.
  • Europe, Asia, and the Middle East regulatory frameworks are providing clarity for innovators and government issued CBDCs are in active pilots in many countries.
  • US and Australian regulators have been slow to provide clarity for innovators, having favored regulation by enforcement, an increasingly untenable situation.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Blockchain Coinvestors, a leading blockchain venture fund-of-funds and co-investment program with a combined portfolio of more than 1000 blockchain enterprises and projects, including more than 80 blockchain unicorns, today unveiled its bi-annual Digital Asset Regulation Report which tracks the state of digital asset regulatory progress among the world's top 25 financial centers.

Driven by increasing consumer demand for the benefits afforded by blockchain technology of faster, cheaper, and easier access to commerce solutions, leading financial centers are rapidly implementing regulatory frameworks for the future of digital finance.

"The world's financial capitals are now firmly focused on upgrading to digital finance with the consequent requirement to provide pro innovation digital money, commodity, and asset legislation," said Matthew Le Merle, Managing Partner of Blockchain Coinvestors. "You will not be a global financial center of the future if you are not a global digital finance leader."

Blockchain regulation is advancing rapidly in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East:  Europe's MiCAR framework is now in place; the UK and Switzerland have provided broad regulatory frameworks; both Hong Kong and Singapore have announced plans to be global centers for the industry; and in the Middle East, Dubai's VARA regulatory body represents an advanced crypto regulatory framework. Central Bank digital currencies (CBDC's) are also rapidly progressing abroad, including many live pilot programs. As a result, the value creation of web3 is proving to be a more global phenomenon than web1 or web2, which were dominated by the US, enabled by early pro innovation legislative leadership in the 1990's. 

With US presidential elections on the horizon in November, we are now seeing the emergence of a more organized pro digital asset movement. The Republican presidential candidate and many members of the existing Democrat administration are now firmly supportive of the underlying technology. As such, the report anticipates digital asset regulation will be a key US electoral issue for the first time this year, especially amongst politicians looking to attract the votes of digital natives.

"Voter demographics is driving a rapid reassessment of the need for US politicians to also embrace this emerging technology," said Alison Davis, Managing Partner of Blockchain Coinvestors. "Digital finance is required to power the ways in which the next generation wishes to conduct their commerce. They represent almost 50% of the US electorate and are highly in favor of digital finance."

Blockchain Coinvestors assesses a variety of factors in determining the world's top 25 financial centers, both qualitative and quantitative, such as market capitalization and liquidity, population, GDP per capita, corporate activity, role in international trade, and others. To track regulatory progress, we continually review a variety of public sources and gather information from our regular conversations with industry leaders, policy makers, and government officials. We also track key legislative agenda items and notable litigation.

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