Author Joanne “Gram” Radke Teaches a Thing or Two About Organization and Decluttering in “Why Is My House Always a Mess?”

Monday, November 20, 2023 at 11:16pm UTC

Joanne “Gram” Radke's Why is My House Always a Mess?: How to Declutter & Organize Your Home in Just 30 Days shows readers how to live life stress-free through proper organization and decluttering of one's living space. The book emphasizes space and spiritual decluttering, helping one discover a stress-free life. It also provides answers that one seeks about the best ways to find peace and a more spacious home.

Gram shares her personal journey of reclaiming her space and her life. Why is My House Always a Mess? is a go-to resource for conquering the mess that has taken over one's home, with a focus on decluttering and organizing techniques.

The author reminds her readers to stay spiritually connected. This book provides Bible passages that inspire and enlighten the readers as they learn the ways of decluttering and organization. With this, they are also decluttering their minds and spirits from the negative energy. The enlightenment it brings lets the readers achieve the goal of organizing their spaces.

Readers can also get the best ideas for decluttering the closet and the living space. Gram provides instructions and tips for properly organizing the different things found in one's home. The author makes sure her guide is simple, practical, and effective.

The book also introduces minimalism to deal with the clutter that make the living space messy. Readers who are interested in the idea of minimalism can get to a path of clutter-way of life as they learn to transform their homes into a more spacious and stress-free environment.

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Author's Biography

Joanne “Gram” Radke has been a hands-on pastor, mentor, counselor, coach, and friend for over 45 years, helping hundreds of people from all walks of life put their lives back together again.

Fifteen years of her 46 years of serving people has been spent pastoring and working with the Salvation Army, practically helping families in many different situations. She has helped many families downsize and organize their homes and lives and mentored and coached others to get their lives back on track emotionally, physically, financially, and practically.

She has worked in six different ministries and for the past 17 years has overseen the CBA – The 700 Club Canadian prayer center, where she trains prayer team and ministers to many people daily by phone across Canada.

Joanne has various expertise and has ministered, helped, and prayed for thousands of people. She was ordained in 1979 with the Salvation Army and later in 1984, credentials with Emmanuel Fellowship Inc. She is also a certified Pastoral Counsellor of The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America since 1979 and a Registered Clinical Counsellor with The Canadian Christian Certified Chaplaincy Association' since 2019.

Book Title| Why Is My House Always a Mess?: How to Declutter & Organize Your Home in Just 30 Days
Author| Joanne “Gram” Radke
Genre| Non-fiction
Publisher| Independently Published
Published Date| October 23, 2023

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